SPARQL micro-service to retrieve information from GBIF about a taxon using its name identifier (GBIF key)

This service retrieves information about a taxon from GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility). It takes as input a name identifier (GBIF key) provided using property dwc:scientificNameID.
In the graph produced, the taxon is represented as an instance of the dwc:Taxon and comes with the following information: currently accepted/valid name (dwc:acceptedNameUsage and dwc:acceptedNameUsageID), scientific name (dwc:scientificName and dwc:scientificNameID), scientific name authorhip (dwc:scientificNameAuthorship), article in which the name was published (dwc:namePublishedIn), source (dwc:nameAccordingTo), classification (dwc:kingdom, dwc:phylum, dwc:class, dwc:order, dwc:family, dwc:genus), parent taxon (skos:broader), taxonomic rank (dwc:taxonRank and taxrefp:hasRank), URL of the taxon name web page (schema:sameAs).

Canonical URL
Input argument
taxon name identifier (GBIF key). Mandatory.
Passed as the object of predicate
Example value: 2360305
Service Description graph
SHACL shapes graph
Try it out
Invoke the service by dereferencing a URI

Simply click on this example URI:

Or copy/paste this code in a Linux shell:

                curl --header "Accept:text/turtle"