Retrieve a photo from Flickr using its internal identifier

This service retrieves a photo from Flickr using its internal identifier. It takes as input a photo name identifier provided using property schema:identifier. It is meant to dereference photo URIs produced in the other Flickr SPARQL micro-serices, but can also be used with SPARQL.
Each photo is represented by an instance of the schema:Photograph, that provides a title (schema:name), a description (schema:description), a link to the photo file in medium size (schema:contentUrl) and its format (schema:fileFormat), a square thumbnail (schema:thumbnailUrl), the author and its web page (schema:author), and the URL of the photo Web page (schema:mainEntityOfPage).

Canonical URL
Input argument
Flickr's internal photo identifier. Mandatory.
Passed as the object of predicate
Example value: 37947618735
Service Description graph
SHACL shapes graph
Try it out
Invoke the service by dereferencing a URI

Simply click on this example URI:

Or copy/paste this code in a Linux shell:

                curl --header "Accept:text/turtle"